Truly a great scholar of our time:

Shaykh Abdul Aziz ibn Abdullah ibn Abdur-Rahman ibn Muhammed ibn Abdullah Aal Baaz.  He Passed away on the Night of 26th of Muharram 1420 Hijrah. (Corresponding to 12th of May 1999)

"Inna Lillaahi wa innaa ilaihi raaji'oon"  [ Indeed we belong to Allah, and to Him we will certainly return ]

His Birth:  He was born in the year 1330H in the city of Riyaadh, Saudi Arabia. He had normal sight at the beginning of his studies and was then afflicted with an illness in 1346H which impaired his eyesight. He later became blind in 1350H when he was only 20 Years old.

Seeking Knowledge:  He started upon the path of knowledge at a young age and memorized the Qur'aan before puberty. The Shaykh excelled in his knowledge of the various branches of Sharee'ah and the Arabic Language and then was appointed as a judge. This however, did not stop him from seeking knowledge until this present day. The various offices he has held had not prevented him from teaching and engaging in research.  He belonged to the Hanbali School of jurisprudence as mentioned in the book Fatawas Regarding Women p # 8.

His Teachers:
1-Shaykh Muhammed Ibn 'Abdul-Lateef Ibn Abdur-Rahman Ibn' Hasan Ibn As-Shaykh Muhammed ibn Abdul-Wahhaab, May Allah have mercy upon them all.
2-Shaykh Sa'd Ibn Hammad Ibn 'Ateeq (The Chief Judge of Riyadh)
3-Hamad Ibn Faaris (Vice Chancellor of the Treasury at Riyadh)
4-Shaykh Saalih Ibn 'Abdul-Azeez Ibn 'Abdur-Rahman Ibn Hassan Ibn Shaykh Muhammed Ibn Abdul-Wahhaab (The Chief Judge of Riyadh)
5-Sa'd Waqqaas, Al-Bukharee, one of the scholars of Makkah who he learnt the science of Tajweed from in the year 1355H.
6-Shaykh Muhammed Ibn ibraahim Ibn Abdul-Lateef Aal Ash-Shaykh. The (former) official expounder of law in Saudi Arabia. Shaykh Ibn Baaz attended and adhered to his study circles for approximately ten years. He learnt all the branches of the Sharee'ah from him from the year 1347H up until 1357H whereupon his teacher then nominated him for a post in the judiciary.

His Influence:  Shaykh Abdul Aziz Bin Baaz (Rahmahulaah) has influenced and affected many people and in many different ways. An important way was via study circles and lectures he delivered and was still delivering up until his last days. These date back from the days he used to reside in the Al-Kharj District , then in the various Educational establishments he Taught in whether in Riyadh or at the University or at the Prophets Mosque in Madeenah. As well he also had his final study circle at the Mosque Al-Jaami Al-Kabeer.

Thursday 27 Muharram 1420 (May 13, 1999), Islam and its people have been grieved by the death of the great scholar, father and capable teacher, Shaykh Abdul Aziz Bin Baaz (Rahmahulaah), and the end of a blessed life lasting eighty-nine years, one month and fifteen days, a life filled with obedience to Allaah and service to Islam and the Muslims.

The funeral prayer was offered in al-Masjid al-Haraam in Makkah al-Mukarramah, after the Jumu’ah prayer. We are deeply distressed by his death, and we ask Allaah to shower him with His Mercy and grant him forgiveness, and to honour his grave and raise his status, and to compensate the Muslims with good, for He is the All-Hearing Who answers prayers and He is ever near.

Shaykh Abdul Aziz Bin Baaz (Rahmahulaah) was given the option for treatment in USA but refused to come. Allah had willed to take his soul away in the holy lands. May Allah have mercy upon the Soul of our Noble Shaykh , Abdul Aziz Ibn Abdullah Ibn Baaz (Rahmahulaah) and grant him a great reward. He was an Imaam in truth, an example. Knowing Allah, and a follower of the Sunnah, and an unsheathed sword against the people of innovation and deviation.